Building a home on North Captiva has never been so easy!

The home prices on North Captiva Island have increased over the last two years and now with Lots available, a "BUYERS MARKET", there is no better time to build a home!  To understand the process, we have outlined the steps for your review.

  • Meeting to talk Budget, size and location requirements.  
  • Find a lot to fit the Budget.
  • Preview some existing homes to show features and discuss costs.
  • Discussions to outline owner requirements and wish list.
  • Review of preliminary plans that meet criteria and further discussion about what works.
  • Review of preliminary SUV reports and how the process works.
  • Architect does preliminary plans and basic cost not to exceed budget provided.
  • Changes are made to suit owner needs and budget.
  • Architect does a red line in an island office meeting.
  • Architect provides final drawings ready for permitting and Budget numbers are fine tuned.
  • A Construction contract is signed and a start and completion date is estimated.
  • Construction commences and photos and progress reports are sent bi monthly.
  • Two meetings are scheduled for walk through s and shopping trips.
  • Home is completed within allotted time period.
North Captiva Realty Inc
North Captiva Realty Inc
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